LIF creation problem for bootable HD

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Truchet Mathieu
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LIF creation problem for bootable HD


I've got a question about LIF creation : can I combine (with instl_combine) a LIF (created with make_medialif) with a large file (~15GB)
? Everything is OK when I use a 1950MB file. But when I use a file of 3GB, the instl_combine generates an error.
I can't go up than 2 GB. Is it possible to use a larger file ? Is instl_combine reserved for cd-roms ?
The instl_combine error is : "Value too large to be stored in data type"

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Re: LIF creation problem for bootable HD

Hi Truchet,

specific support for large files is needed if archives greater than 2 GB are to be created. The release note /opt/ignite/share/doc/release_note identifies which patches are required.

You can find aditional information at B2355-90738.pdf (pages 166/167 and 248)

Good luck.
Truchet Mathieu
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Re: LIF creation problem for bootable HD

Thanks Alex for your help.
BUt I've installed Ignite 3.2.45, and the /opt/ignite/share/doc/release_notes shows that the problem was solved on A.1.51/B.1.51 versions !!
In the PDF file I've read that the PHNE_17247 patch solves the problem if NFS use. Do I have to overwrite the existing patch (because when I try to install it I can't because the fileset is superseeded by an other) ?