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Latest ignite requires Legacy devices on 11iv3?

Trusted Contributor

Latest ignite requires Legacy devices on 11iv3?


Am looking at updating our Ignite servers to the latest version, but this is a show-stopper:

NOTE: On HP-UX 11i v3 OS, the make_sys_image command will not create archive if the
legacy device support is disabled. To enable the legacy device support, run the following
command: # insf –L

Our 11iv3 servers all have legacy device names disabled. Does anyone have insight into why this is now required? Seems to be a step backward?

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Re: Latest ignite requires Legacy devices on 11iv3?

This is very interesting note; but mentioned only for system image preparation.
If you are upgrading ignite software for clients' backup/recovery; then won't be affected.
May be, for make_sys_image, it still internally calls/consider the legacy dsf.

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Re: Latest ignite requires Legacy devices on 11iv3?



Reading the latest release notes for Ignite C.7.14.274, i see this:


QXCR1001173668. The make_*_recovery command is enabled to support archive and recovery of systems in agile-DSF mode. This feature is currently limited to systems that do not use sasd driver based disks.


Does this mean no more requirement for Legacy DSF?  Can I finally do rmsf -L?



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Re: Latest ignite requires Legacy devices on 11iv3?

I just read the latest Release notes and found this:


Due to application dependencies, HP-UX software deployment tools, such as Ignite-UX, expect

legacy Device Special Files to be present and the legacy naming model to be enabled.

Therefore Ignite-UX supports only partial migration as detailed in the white paper "

HP-UX 11i

v3 Persistent DSF Migration Guide

" found at:


Ignite-UX does not support full migration

which involves disabling the legacy naming model.


Appears to me that it does not yet support the removal of legacy device files.