List and purge Ignite images for client

Gary Cooper_1
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List and purge Ignite images for client

I'm sure I must be missing something here... when running Ignite (GUI) on my Ignite server, is ther a way to list each of the available images for the Ignite clients?


And following on from that a way to purge images (not necessarily the oldest) from within the GUI?


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Bill Hassell
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Re: List and purge Ignite images for client

The GUI has no provisions to manage Ignite images. 

The images are in the archive directory: /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archives under each client's hostname.
This command will show you the images:

# ll /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archives/*


When each backup is completed, the quantity of images to save is checked (default is 2) and if there is one extra present, it will be removed. The problem occurs when backups are aborted or the number of archives to save is changed. Ignite will not remove older archives.


There are 2 directories that will need fixing:


There will be a match between the directories in clients and the files in archives. The clients directory will have a directory with several files in it where the directory has the same name as the file in archives. You need to remove the entire directory for an old backup in clients, and the file in archives.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin