Make Recovery error

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veronica pizana

Make Recovery error

I am getting the following error when trying to perform an ignite backup. Someone has posted this error before, but what worked for them hasn't work for me, I am also getting additional warnings on the log, it doesn't seem to be tight to circuilar links.

* Testing pax for needed patch
* Passed pax tests.
* Checking Versions of Ignite-UX filesets
WARNING: Unable to parse ServiceGuard query command (/usr/sbin/cmquerycl -n
$(hostname) -l lvm -v 2> /dev/null | /usr/bin/awk '{print $1}').
WARNING: Service Guard was detected by the presence of the
"/usr/sbin/cmquerycl" command. However, "/usr/sbin/cmquerycl" failed
to return the required volume group information. A second attempt
will be made using vgdisplay(1M)
NOTE: vgdisplay -v unsuccessful
* Creating System Configuration.
* /opt/ignite/bin/save_config -f
/var/opt/ignite/recovery/2004-01-07,16:20/system_cfg vg00
NOTE: File: /var/opt/ignite/recovery/2004-01-07,16:20/system_cfg is not
world-readable, this may cause clients to fail to read it during an
* Backing Up Volume Group /dev/vg00
* /usr/sbin/vgcfgbackup /dev/vg00
Volume Group configuration for /dev/vg00 has been saved in /etc/lvmconf/vg00.conf
* Creating Map Files for Volume Group /dev/vg00
* /usr/sbin/vgexport -p -m /etc/lvmconf/vg00.mapfile /dev/vg00
Volume group "/dev/vg00" is still active.

* Creating Control Configuration.
NOTE: File: /var/opt/ignite/recovery/2004-01-07,16:20/control_cfg is not
world-readable, this may cause clients to fail to read it during an
* Creating Archive File List
ERROR: list_expander returned an error.
ERROR: Failed to get the archive size and the list of files which will be in

Mic V.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Make Recovery error

Is this host really part of a ServiceGuard cluster? If yes, is it running (cmviewcl) and is it running correctly?

What kind of a name is 'Wolverine'?
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Make Recovery error

control_cfg should be have 644 permissions and it should be readable for everyone.
check the permissions of that file.

What is your umask set for.

Please revert
Fabio Ettore
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Re: Make Recovery error


I found a possible reason of your problem: it seems about circular links.
Also see warning in patch PHSS_26498.

Anyway I suggest you to work out in this way: launch list_expander from command line

# /opt/ignite/lbin/list_expander | gzip - > /tmp/file_list.gz

In the end of file_list file should be where list_expander stopped. Remove circular links and re-try the same list_expander command; if it works fine then make_recovery works fine too.

I hope this helps you.

Best regards,
T. M. Louah
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Re: Make Recovery error

How about upgrading Ignite-UX to the latest version with the required pax-patch.
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veronica pizana

Re: Make Recovery error

T.M. You got it!
I had an old version of Ignite, installing a newer version fixed the problem