Make a bootable image

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Christophe MESTDACH
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Make a bootable image


Excuse me for my english but i'm French.

My company bought machines HP B2600 9000/785 and licences HP UX 11 to replace old machines functioning under HP UX 9.07.

??I must install a machine with the common options and create a CD like an image GHOST under PC. All the other machines will be installed starting from this CD without being connected on a network.
Then I must create CD of installation for a software developed for the customer.

I saw that there was a utility under HP UX 11: Ignite-ux.

1 - Which is the fastest way to create an image of a machine?

2 - How to make to create a bootable installation CD for my software and to allow the user to define configuration parameters as an address IP?
Patrick Wallek
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Re: Make a bootable image

Ignite would be the best bet to do this. You can get ignite from:

Have a look at the Ignite/UX administrators guide.

If you install Ignite/UX on a machine, have a look at the document /opt/ignite/share/doc/makenetrec.txt

This document has instructions on how to create a CD based from an Ignite/UX make_net_recovery image.

You will also want to have a look in the Administrator guide on the section about Golden Images, as this is really what you want.
Jim Butler
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Re: Make a bootable image

make_sys_image -
will create a gzip image of your "model" system

do a man on that command. Make sure your target machine trusts the client - typically, the size is 300 to 750 Mb for HP11 system.

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Jim Butler
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Re: Make a bootable image

Also - if you want to make a tape,
make_recovery_tape. works great if all target machines have a tape drive.

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Make a bootable image

make_tape_recovery uses make_sys_image with different options to put it out to tape.

make_sys_image will build you a disk image.

The IUX addministrators guide will give you step by step instruction on creating an image, making it accessable to other machines etc.

make_sys_image uses pax, which will not put files larger than 2G in the image. You'll have to use ftp or fbackup/frecovery to move the large files.

When you reach the stage of specific questions, you can post them here. I'm in the process of doing exactly what you are called to do under HP-Ux 11.11

Steven E Protter
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harry d brown jr
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Re: Make a bootable image

I'd use the options of

make_tape_recovery -AIv

Which will default to your /dev/rmt/0mn tape drive.

BTW, your English is much better than my French and/or my English :-)

live free or die
Live Free or Die
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Re: Make a bootable image

In french in the text

#make_recovery ???v ???AC ???d ??TAPE??

V??rifier le contenu du fichier log
#more /var/opt/ignite/logs/makrec.log1

Imprimer si possible (imprimante connect??e sur site) le "print manifest"
#print_manifest | lp -d??PRINTER??
ou dans le cas d'une imprimante HP
#print_manifest -e | lp -d??PRINTER??

Pour la restauration:

Ins??rer la bande recovery

D??marrer le serveur, interrompre et forcer le d??marrage sur le DDS.

Interract with IPL ? NO

Laisser la proc??dure se d??rouler sans rien interrompre (le system reboot deux fois)

V??rification des logs:
# more /var/opt/ignite/logs/makrec.log

ca vient d'une procedure HP..