Make a full back by tape

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Edward Tse
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Make a full back by tape

Dear All,

I am a new Unix user. So I don't know every thing. My Question that I want to make a full backup by ignite. I use " make_tape_recovery". it is right ? I need to add any option command for " make_tape_recovery ".
Isralyn Manalac_1
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Re: Make a full back by tape

You do:

#make_tape_recovery -Av -d
Hope this helps.
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Re: Make a full back by tape


The below command makes a bootable full backup of your vg00 volume group on device /dev/rmt/0m.

#make_tape_recovery -x inc_entire=vg00 -Iv -a /dev/rmt/0mn

Jeff Schussele
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Re: Make a full back by tape

Hi Edward,

Well...make_tape_recovery is designed to back the OS & not necessarily the apps per se.
Normally it's invoked as follows:

make_tape_recovery -Ivx inc_entire=vg00

You *could* extend those -x inc_entire=vg_???

to ALL your non-vg00 volume groups. But realistically, the fbackup command is designed to backup those other VGs. So look at make_tape_recovery to handle vg00 & fbackup for all other VGs & you're good to go.

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