Make_net_recovery Exit Status 1

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Mike McNamara
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Make_net_recovery Exit Status 1

I am running an Ignite Make_net_recovery from a cron
on an N4000 running HP/UX 11.0 to an Ignite server D380 running HP/ux 11.0. I am receiving this warning:
* Preparing to create a system archive

* Archiving contents of mbadt via tar to

* The archive is estimated to reach 784440 kbytes.

* Free space on /var/opt/ignite/recovery/arch_mnt
after archive should be about 2138056 kbytes.

pax: tmp/TCPD.22649 : No such file or directory
WARNING: The pax command returned a non-zero exit status (exit status 1)
* Creation of system archive complete

Is this just a warning message that a tmp file no longer existed when trying to be removed or do I have another problem. I am running make_net-recovery from other systems and they run fine no warning messages.


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Re: Make_net_recovery Exit Status 1

The error about /tmp/tcpd file is just that the file was not there when it tried archiving it. Its ok. However you may want to check the log files for make _net_recovery for the non-zero exit . Better than that try recovering the system on a test box and see if that works.
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