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Make_recovery error

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Make_recovery error

I issuse this command:

/opt/ignite/bin/make_recovery -A -v -d /dev/rmt/2mn

I receive this error message:

make_recovery(486): Call to system failed. errno=0 Cleanup

Thanks for the help.

I like UNIX
James Burks
Occasional Visitor

Re: Make_recovery error

Check /var/opt/ignite/logs/makrec.log1 and makrec.log2 for more details. The -v switch shows some detail, but you'll find more information in the log files.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Make_recovery error


See document #KBRC00002923, contents as follow:

CONFIGURATION HP-UX 10.x, 11.x Product: Ignite/UX


make_recovery (486): call to system failed. errno=0 cleanup

Look in /var/opt/ignite/logs/makrec.log1
and see if the vgcfgbackup step fails with a similar error msg:

vgcfgbackup: /etc/lvmtab is out of date with the running kernel:

Kernel indicates 7 disks for /dev/vg02 and /etc/lvmtab has 6 disks. Cannot proceed with backup...

# strings /etc/lvmtab -- make sure all of the disks that are supposed to be in the VG are there.


# strings /etc/lvmconf/vg02.conf - make sure the current vgcfgbackup is accurate with all the correct disks.

To fix the problem do:

# vgreduce -f /dev/vg02 # gets info out of kernel
# mv /etc/lvmtab /etc/lvmtab.old # move corrupted BUT important file
# vgscan -v # creates new clean lvmtab
# vgcfgbackup /dev/vg02 # backup the data for vg02

There should be no errors with vgcfgbackup.

Rerun make_recovery and it should run now without errors.


Re: Make_recovery error

Here is the message from the log file.

vgcfgbackup: Invalid LVMREC on Physical Volume /dev/rdsk/c7t0d1

should I still follow this steps to fix this.
I like UNIX
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Make_recovery error


Please post (attach) the 'strings' output from the /etc/lvmtab and /etc/lvmconf/ files. A 'vgdisplay -v' for each volume group is handy, too.


Re: Make_recovery error

James here is the info you requested.

Thanks Willie Wright
I like UNIX