Make recovery tape

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Phillip Popp
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Make recovery tape

Hi all,
New to HP, even newer to Ignite. Running HP 11.11. I made a back up tape. I think I backed up more then I wanted to. I used the -i option, because my goal is to shrink the size of two of the LV's under the VG00, and give back space to /. Complicated story of why I want to do this, but I need to. Can any one give me a brief idea of what to expect in the way of questions when I reformat. I know it will ask me for the IP address again. Will it also ask me for domain name? How about mask and gate? Will it tell me the current size of each LV under the VG, or just ask what size I want to make them? Any consice doc to give me an idea would also be helpful.

Also, how do I boot from the tape drive?

One last very important thing. If I screw up some where during restore, will it render my system inoperable? Can I abort out with out ruining system.

Almost forgot to mention, I used to backup in the tar format not cpio.

Thanks for all your help in advance. This form site is so much better then any Solaris resource I have found, for that system.

Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: Make recovery tape

James R. Ferguson
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Re: Make recovery tape

Hi Phil:

First, use this (the '-I' means that you will have an interactive recovery when you boot the tape):

# make_tape_recovery -x inc_entire=vg00 -I -v -a /dev/rmt/0mn

When you boot from the tape, choose the Advanced Installation Mode. You will be able to select the physical disk you want for vg00 from a list. You can choose to vgimport your non-vg00 volume groups or not and do these manually, later.

On the "System" tab of the Ignite menus you can choose "Ask at First Boot" to collect the system parameters like your DNS server, network mask, gateway, etc. Following the Ignite load two reboots will occur and '/sbin/set_parms' will run for you to set the system parameters.

The Ignite 'tar' format is correct.

Once you select your vg00 physical disk and begin the Ignite process, you have commited to rebuilding your system on that disk.


sachit patil
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Re: Make recovery tape

#make_recovery -ACv vg00 -d /dev/rmt/0m
It will backup all root file system
ans u can boot through it whenever root is not booting .

Marcel Burggraeve
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Re: Make recovery tape

Hi Philip,

to boot from tape you need to interrupt the boot proces.
When your system reboots you will get a message about interrupting the boot proces by pressing a key.
After pressing a key you'll end up with a prompt.
Type sea to search for boot devices.
You'll end up with a list of devices and depending on the amount of tape drives you have, at least one will be a sequential access media.
Check the p in front of the line and type bo p

Regarding the screw up, it depends where and when you screw up ;-)
If you screw up somewhere while you're still in the ignite menu's you're safe.
However, as soon as you start the actual recover process your original system will be inoperable.
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Re: Make recovery tape

Hi Phil

To boot from the tape you need to interrupt the auto boot seqence from yor MP console. It is will prompt you with BCH prompt. Type serach boot it will display the possible bootable devices. If your tape drive is connected it will show the h/w path of the tape drive as a sequential device.
from the BCH type BOOT 'H/W path of the tape drive (ex.x/x/x/x)'
That is it, the system will be booted from the ignite tape what you have. In options do choose recover the system, the complete restoration will happen, if you had taken your vg00 complete in your ignite backup, the whole vg00 will be restored.
After the restoration is completed your system will be back to the stage when you had taken the ignite backup.
If your vg00 is mirrored, ignite restore doesn't bring the mirror too. You need to manually the remirror the lvs, using lvextend -m 1 /dev/vgxx/lvolxx /dev/dsk/cxtxd0
for your lv's.

After recovery try booting from both the PVs, to ensure the system can be booted with both the Pvs.

If you have a valid ignite backup you can recover the system irrespective how bad you screw the sytem !