Model of servers to install one Ignite Server

Carme Torca
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Model of servers to install one Ignite Server



We are thinking to change the Ignite Server and put it in another server, so I would like to known which models servers with 11.31 support copies from  11.11,11.23 and 11.31, and what version of ignite I have to install.


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Patrick Wallek
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Re: Model of servers to install one Ignite Server

The model of server really doesn't matter. 


If you want a server capable of running 11.31, then something in the rx2600 or rx2800 line is a good choice and they can have lots of disk space configured.


As far as the Ignite version goes, install the latest.  It is currently C.7.18.63 and is available here:





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Re: Model of servers to install one Ignite Server

Current models are the rx2800 i2 or i4 and the blades BL8x0c i2 or i4:






A SD2 is maybe a bit oversized ... ;-)

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Bill Hassell
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Re: Model of servers to install one Ignite Server

The Ignite server can be anything that runs HP-UX 11.11 or later, PARISC or Itanium. I would recommend running 11.31 simply because 11.23 and 11.11 will be out of support at the end of the year. You would download the ALL-3 package if you will have clients at the different versions.


The biggest surprise will likely be the space required for the archives. Ignite will compress (gzip) the images but figure between 2 and 15 GB per client and multiply by 2 or 4 depending on how many images you want to keep. The recommended minimum is 2 but it just depends on how far back you need to go for an older image. So for 10 clients you'll need 40 to 300 GB for the backups. And don't forget the backup strategy for the Ignite server. Typically, the backup server will have a small tape drive large enough to hold vg00.


And when you run make_tape_recovery, make sure you specify -x inc_entire=vg00 or -x inc_entire=rootdg for VxVM systems. Remember that Ignite is just for the boot disk volumes, not additional volumes.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin