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NFS server not responding

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NFS server not responding

I am trying to recover a workstation with Ignite UX. It works fine, mini system is downloaded, swap enabled, lvm prepared, but when its processing the archive source = load of the recovery archive he get the message:
"NFS server not responding" ....
Meanwhile on my igniteUX server (IP from above) I see that NFS connection is established with the machine I want to recover (command showmount). Why isnt he able to download the recovery archive ?
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Re: NFS server not responding

Are they both on the same subnet? Also, have you checked your syslog log on your ignite server for nfs errors?

Check these links out:,,0x8b7046ff9277d511abcd0090277a778c,00.html
and search for DOC.ID (change the search by) for document NETUXKBRC00006283

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