Network recovery without DHCP

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Network recovery without DHCP


Is it possible to recover HP-UX machine via network without running a DHCP server? I mean something like booting from CD, assigning IP address manually and then recovering from Ignite server.

Using DHCP can be an issue if ignite client and ignite server are located in different networks.

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Re: Network recovery without DHCP

You can boot from the install media (dvd), set up all values and restore the image.

See the ignite manual from
for more details.

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Re: Network recovery without DHCP

Some of the Integrity systems have support for the EFI command "dbprofile" (basically anything with zx2, sx1000 or sx2000 chipsets, with perhaps some of the newer old zx1 systems). The dbprofile command allows one to specify things like local IP, netmaks, gateway, server IP and boot file so you don't have to have a DHCP server on the local net to provide them.

I've only ever used it in conjuction with Linux network-based installs, but perhaps it would be of help with trying to do things with HP-UX ignite. I would think that the Ignite docs on might have more information.
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Re: Network recovery without DHCP

Yes we do it all of the time on different networks without DHCP. Boot from the Install CD or even an Ignite tape. When the recovery menu appears select "Install HPUX" or something like that. In the resulting menu select "advanced" and "ignite server" options. It will then present you with a list of NIC's if you have more that one, and try to DHCP it up. You can see that it also sayc CTL C to interrupt the DHCP. Interrupt it and select configure LAN manually. The next screen will ask you for the IP address of the box you are on, the netmask, default gateway and IP address of the Ignite server. Fill in the blanks and hit GO.
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