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Not able to add the client which is in different subnet.

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Not able to add the client which is in different subnet.

IgniteUX Server is in 172.22.7._ IP Range (HP-UX 11iv1)

while client is in 172.22.14._ IP range. (HP-UX 11iv3)

Can i add this client in to the Server , will it be possible to take the backup of the client on server.


Honored Contributor

Re: Not able to add the client which is in different subnet.

Yes, it is possible.


Here is the newest version of the Ignite-UX Administration Guide:


Read the chapters 5 and 6 (regarding Complex Networks).

Also read the descriptions of ports required by each Ignite operation on pages 84-89. If the gateway/router between the subnets also acts as a firewall (common in enterprise networks today), the firewall must be configured to allow these connections.


A backup is not very useful if you cannot restore it.


If your 11iv3 system supports directed network boot (= it has Itanium CPUs and supports the EFI commands "dbprofile" and "lanboot"), restoring the backup from the Ignite server will be easy too. If your 11iv3 has PA-RISC system or is one of the early Itaniums with no support for directed network boot, you may have to first create a HP-UX installation boot media on the Ignite server and boot your 11iv3 system with it to restore your backup.

(See Chapter 14 in the Ignite-UX administration guide.)


Another alternative is to set up a boot helper server to the subnet that contains your 11iv3 Ignite client.

(See pages 55-58 in the Ignite-UX administration guide.)

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Re: Not able to add the client which is in different subnet.

yes it is possible.......


1> Ignite-ux version in server and client shoule be same.

2> both the server and the client should be in the same domain.



Except this their sould not be much dificulties  in adding the clinent in the server.