OmniBack II & Ignite-UX

Alexander Pino, Sr.
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OmniBack II & Ignite-UX

In about a week or so our data center is heading to a "Hot Site" in preparation for Disaster Recovery testing. The Hot Site is providing us with a comparable HP Box. I'm responsible for making sure I can load-up OmniBack II via Ignite-UX. This is my first time testing OmniBack, more importantly, this will be my first in brining up OmniBack using Ignite-UX.

All suggestions. procedures and similar experience(s) are greatly appreciated.

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Jeen Oppedijk

Re: OmniBack II & Ignite-UX

There have already been questions about this. But I will give you a short list.
1. Stop OBII
2. Do a make_recovery (make sure you include the filesystems with the OBII data), I think this is done using the -A option (from memory, check the man page)
3. Use the make_recovery tape to boot and restore the system on the other system.