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Question on Ignite backups

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Question on Ignite backups

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I am looking into setting up an Ignite backup server for my HPUX servers.  While I have found great documentation on setting up the server and how to do the backups/restores, I havent really seen anything for determining disk space needed.


Is there a tool, rule of thumb, etc for determining how much space each system disk will require?  Or should I just look at how much space is allocated for my root vg  on each server and use that as a ballpark figure?



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Re: Question on Ignite backups

Your safest route to determine the disk space required would be to add up the space used for VG00 and then multiply that by the number of copies  you want to keep, plus one.


So if you VG00 uses 8 GB and you want to keep 2 copies, then allow for 24 GB of space for that server.  The reason I say number of copies plus one is that Ignite/UX does not clear out older copies of backups until the current backup is finished.  


Granted the backups are gzip'ed, but allowing for the uncompressed amount of space will give you some wiggle room.