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Recover OS

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Recover OS


OS - HP-UX 11.23 based on the two disks in RAID-0. One day ago, one of the disk has broken down.

We backup our systems using EMC networker.


How can I correctly restore from backup? Because, after having istalled new system and networker clinet, i recovered all files. then i rebooted os but os failed to be booted.


 I think, problem is in the discrepancy between LVM settings of the new OS and previously backuped files.


Help me, please, to solve this situation.



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Re: Recover OS



HP-UX OS should be  backed up with Ignite-ux.

I dont know how you used Networker to restore the OS files.



The idea should be a cold isntall, and make the configuration accordingly if you dont have a Ignite backup.




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Re: Recover OS

Let's see ...



You have an rx2620 with an smart array sa6400, so only a RAID 0? Bad idea!


The you cold-installed the OS and restored all (!) the data?


Look at this



/sbin/rc2.d/S131ipfboot[5]: ps:  not found
/sbin/rc2.d/S131ipfboot[5]: grep:  not found
/sbin/rc2.d/S544cfservd[65]: hostname:  not found
/sbin/rc2.d/S546syslog-ng[61]: hostname:  not found
interpreter "/bin/sh" not found
file link resolves to "/usr/bin/sh"


Something went really wrong during restore.


Consider to boot into single user (if possible) and check (vgdisplay, etc - if vg00 is OK or not) or better start over with cold-install and restore.


Better use ignite to backup your OS next time!

Hope this helps!

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Re: Recover OS

>> so only a RAID 0? Bad idea!
Oh.. i know this.
This server is an additional node of the ORACLE testing cluster.

>> Something went really wrong during restore.

Maybe you are right. Because i recovered files in multi-user mode.
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Re: Recover OS

Can you give me links to the   useful  documentation about backuping hp-ux using ignite?

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Re: Recover OS



You to refer the HP Ignite-UX Guided Troubleshooting for step by step instruction on how to install and configure Ignite-UX Servr and perform Ignite-UX network and tape backup.


Click here to access the HP Ignite-UX Guided Troubleshooting.


For further detail reference:

You can refer the HP Ignite-UX manuals in the below web link.

Click here to access the HP Ignite-UX manuals.


Hope this information helps. 


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