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Restore Ignite Backup

P Vel
Occasional Advisor

Restore Ignite Backup

Hi Admins,

I need a help, we have an setup where we use a system as ignite server and it holds all clients archive image. Now one of my client facing OS crashed. Now I need to restore the ignite backup from server. All are integrity servers. Now How do I restore? And How will identify the respective image from server for this particular client. Please help in step by step procedure.

Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: Restore Ignite Backup

step-by-step procedure ? nearly impossible unless someone from your own organization is answering. Having said that, when you are on the EFI shell, type

lanboot select

at this point, the server will list the interfaces available on the server and will give you the list which will look something like this:

01 Acpi(000222F0,0)/Pci(1|0)/Mac(00306E0E5268)
02 Acpi(000222F0,800)/Pci(1|0)/Mac(00108327549F)

these are your local network interfaces. You need to know which one goes to which network and you will select the right interface, which is on the same network as the ignite server. If there is a network boundary in between the client and ignite server, most probably it will not beable to find the ignite server but it is a totally different problem. Once your server got the boot image from ignite server and booted up to the installation shell, provided your ignite backup process was configured properly and working as expected, you will see list of hostnames where the images are taken from. Then you will make the proper selection and let it go.

If your ignite server configuration is not ideal, this will be a very bumpy ride for you, I can assure you...
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