Restore an Ignite backup

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Sally  Devine
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Restore an Ignite backup

In order to restore your ignite/ux tape to disk I assume you have to boot from the tape and then the rest is menu driven?

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Patrick Wallek
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Re: Restore an Ignite backup

If you want to re-install your VG00 entirely, yes, you are correct.

It is also possible to extract individual files from the make_tape_recovery tape, if necessary. To do so:

# mt -f /dev/rmt/?mn fsf 1

This skips over the boot LIF on the tape

# tar -xvf /dev/rmt/?mn path/file

Note that with the path there is NOT a leading / before the directory.
Sandip Ghosh
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Re: Restore an Ignite backup

Yes you have to boot it from tape.
Interupt the system boot during the 10 Sec warning.
give sea to find out the device for the tape
Then give "bo P?" for booting from tape.
Then give n to "Interact with IPL"
Then it should boot.

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Michael Tully
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Re: Restore an Ignite backup


The restore is only menu driven if the '-I' option was used to create the ignite tape. This is the interactive option. Once the system starts you have ten seconds in which to interrupt the boot. This then you can control the entire restore process.
Have a look at the man page for make_tape_recovery and read the section on the -I option.

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Darrell Allen
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Re: Restore an Ignite backup

Hi Sally,

If you have not changed hardware and if you did not create the make_tape_recovery tape with "-I" (for interactive restore - make_recovery uses "-i") then it will boot and rebuild the system automatically. Even with that, there is a point where you are prompted to press a key if you want an interactive install. I think it gives you 10 seconds before continuing.

By the way, make_tape_recovery is the latter command for creating an Ignite tape. make_recovery is being phased out.

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Kelli Ward
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Re: Restore an Ignite backup

Aarg, I've been trying to post this reply for hours.
As said, unless -I is used during generation, the recovery will be automatic.
There are 2 exceptions to this I know of.

One - As stated, you make a significant change to the system. Ie: scsi address change.

Two - Early in the "INSTALL" bootup, it should give you the option of selecting an interactive install by pressing a key, I don't remember which, maybe "any". ;) (You have to act fast, however, as there is a 10 second timeout, and it will continue the automatic install.)

I would recommend using the automatic install, if that is an option.

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