Re: Seagate ST32151N boot disk

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Seagate ST32151N boot disk

I have installed HP-UX 9.05 on HP748i with SCSI ST-32151-N (SCSI ID:6), but I can not make it as boot disk. How to make it as boot disk?
Tim Adamson_1
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Re: Seagate ST32151N boot disk

9.05? Wow, that is ancient.

Perhaps the size of the disk was not supported back then. I don't have any manuals to check.


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Con O'Kelly
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Re: Seagate ST32151N boot disk


Following on from Tim's point I would advise that you install 11.x or 11i on this system. The 748 workstation supports 11.x.
9.05 is completely unsupported now & will make your life very difficult in the future, even if you were to get it working.

Michael Tully
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Re: Seagate ST32151N boot disk

Seeing the disk is so small, even if you do get your hands on some 11.x media, you will only be able to install a minimal OS anyway. 11.x is far bigger than any of the 9.x offerings.
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Robert Krebs
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Re: Seagate ST32151N boot disk

I've used HP-UX 9.05 on an HP-743 with the ST-32151. Building a new bootable disk was done from Support Tape using the following steps:
- Interrupt boot sequence to change boot device to tape.
- From ISL prompt load "support" and then "recoversl"
- Exit to shell and run recoversl
- Reply to prompts from recoversl to build file system on system disk and restore remainder of system from tape.
- Reboot system and "Bob's your uncle"!

Hope this helps. Have a grand day!
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