TFTPd not bind to second lan

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TFTPd not bind to second lan

I have a HP/UX 11i system running latest version of Ignite. The problem I am having is that TFTPd is working on lan1 but not lan2. I can tftp to the lan1 interface and pass the get test, "get /var/opt/ignite/INDEX". However, if I tftp to lan2 interface and try the same command, it times out.
I can ping, telnet and ssh to lan2 and I can route out the lan2 interface.

Here is the TFTP line from inetd.conf:
tftp dgram udp wait root /usr/lbin/tftpd tftpd /opt/ignite /var/opt/ignite

and here is "netstat -an | grep 69"
netstat -an | grep 69
tcp 0 0
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Re: TFTPd not bind to second lan

Is your default gateway on lan1? I am not very positive but have nagging doubt that may be the issue. If you can, try changing the default gateway to lan2 and see if that works (and lan1 fails).

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Re: TFTPd not bind to second lan

You what, it just started working. It must have been a networking issue that I did know about.
I am at such a huge company that I could have missed the notice. I'm upset about this since I worked on this problem for a number of hours.

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Thanks for you help though.
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Re: TFTPd not bind to second lan

1] small detail tftpd is UDP protokol, that your output from netstat is incorrect.

2] entry in your inetd.conf seems be good

3] How looks your route table on this machine?

4] where is reside your client station ( net. segment ) ?