Re: Tape Reocery issues !!

Anand Sreenivasan
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Tape Reocery issues !!

This is a weird problem I am having, After the tape restore, I tried login as root through console and It always came back with log in incorect and I found out that having a special character would do that. I went to a single user mode and nulled the password and after rebooting, When I typed root, This is what is happening !! It is not waiting for me to choose an option. I dont know what can be done. Any help is appreciated !!

login: login: login: login: login: login:
login: root

Last successful login for root: Tue Jun 1 15:01:54 EST5EDT 2010 on pts/2
Last unsuccessful login for root: Mon Jun 7 20:51:50 EST5EDT 2010 on console
You don't have a password.
Choose a new password.
Changing password for root
Last successful password change for root: NEVER
Last unsuccessful password change for root: Mon Jun 7 20:51:50 2010

Do you want (choose one letter only):
pronounceable passwords generated for you (g)
a string of letters generated (l) ?
to pick your passwords (p) ?

Enter choice here: passwd: illegal choice
Login aborted due to no password.

Wait for login exit: ..

p415-eit [HP Release B.11.00] (see /etc/issue)
Console Login:
Steven Schweda
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Re: Tape Reocery issues !!

> Enter choice here: [...]

My psychic powers are failing me. What did
you type there?
Kapil Jha
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Re: Tape Reocery issues !!

you can log in with special character in root passwd by putting a escape sequence "\"

Well your system was trusted or normal.

I suppose reboot in single user mode and reset the passwd again.

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Anand Sreenivasan
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Re: Tape Reocery issues !!

The issue is it is not waiting for an response and comes out with the said error back to the log in prompt and the same thing is happeniong i n Single user mode when I issue passwd command. What else can I try ? Thanks for any help !!!