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Terminal problem Ignite


I try to start a ignite restore on a console, but after the first screens I see "garbage".


I get the hint "

 The console firmware terminal type is currently set to "hp". If you
         are using any other type of terminal you will see "garbage" on the
         screen following this message.         If this is the case, you will need to either change the terminal type
         set in the firmware via GSP (if your GSP firmware version supports
         this feature), or change your terminal emulation to match the
         firmware. In either case you will need to restart if your terminal and
         the firmware terminal type do not match.
         Press the 'b' key if you want to reboot now.

  +---------------------+----------------+-------------------+15y23C[  49C@26CB    FIBnstall HP-UX50C]17y23C[    DRun a Recovery Shell   ]19y23C[     DAdvanced Options50C]22y10C[  Re56C@15CDb@oot  ]52C[  DHelp  ]15y25C0y0C24C56C@24CBUser Interface and Media Options2y3CThis   [   ]   DAdvanced Installation (recommended for disk and filesystem management)   ...

So I set the TERM variable also to "hp" before starting the telnet to the console (where I enter AT THE MAIN-Screen:  "> bo lan.<ip> install", but still the same.

I try also vt100 and vt220. As default the terminal is set to xterm.


In the GSP configuration I can't find the option to change the terminla, where can this found (if our GSP support this feature)?


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Re: Terminal problem Ignite

Terminal type settings for the console are configured from the GSP using the CA command.



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Re: Terminal problem Ignite

Thanks, it works!