Re: Updating patches and software in an Ignite depot

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Updating patches and software in an Ignite depot

Basically I have an Ignite server running version 7.1 with an 11.23 image on it. I need to add the vPar software package, a quality pack patch bundle, hardware extension patches, and individual patches to the depot to load a second vPar on our Superdome. Our regular HP-UX admin quit and my admin skills on HP-UX are not that great. Can I just swcopy the software into the source depot on my Ignite server under /var/opt/ignite/depots/Rel_11.23/core? If so, do I have to extract the .depot files in order to do so? Is there a cookbook on how to update the Ignite depots? Thanks.

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Re: Updating patches and software in an Ignite depot

We have the same setup, only we maintain the Ignite depot and "patch" depot separately for several reasons. The major reason in our case is that we have multiple series of PA-RISC machines and we'd rather Ignite from a base image and install the one large depot as needed on a per machine basis. In our case, yes, an 'swcopy' allows us to add items, such as vPar, to the bundle. We copy depots to depots all the time to combine patches into a single depot. I don't see any reason it wouldn't work in your case, but you can test it pretty easily to verify. If you run a test, please report back here with your results so others can benefit from your experiences. Thanks.
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Re: Updating patches and software in an Ignite depot

When adding software to a depot used by Ignite-UX, you will need to

1) Use swcopy to add the software to the depot.
2) The run the make_config command against the depot to update the config file Ignite-UX uses to know what is in that depot. If it is a depot that already exists, you should already have a config file listed in /var/opt/ignite/INDEX - so you would want to replace that config file with an updated one generated by make_config.

The ignite GUI can also be used to do some depot related setup tasks.