Using make_recovery

Chris Zimo
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Using make_recovery

I ran make_recovery -p to see what exactly is storing off to tape. It looks to me like the ignite will recreate, but not restore, all of the original volume groups and there mount points. Is this a correct statement? I am creating a make_recovery tape on a system that has 17 2gb disk drives with 6 volume groups. I am replacing all the disk drives on the system with 3 18gb disk drives and only 3 volume groups. After the disks are replaced, I am going to restore the OS with my ignite tape. How will this impact my restore from the igninte tape?

eran maor
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Re: Using make_recovery


first i will advise you to install the new version of the ignite that you can download from this link :

you will need now to use the command :
make_tape_recovery .

and you are rigth , the make_recovery will create the volume group that you have on the system but if you are moving thee disk from one computer to a diff computer first do a vgexport to a mapfile to all the vg's that you have and then you will be able to do vgimport to import the disk to the rigth voulme group .

also i can tell you that if the adress of the adress of the disk will be the same you will not need to use the vgimport .
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Tim D Fulford
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Re: Using make_recovery


make_recovery will only backup your root vg (vg00). It will not mirror vg00, nor backup any vg outside vg00!

If you want to backup your system fully using ignite you need to use make_tape_recovery, which by the way will superceed make_recovery. From recollection you can use something like

# make_tape_recovery -vI -x inc_entire=vg00 -x inc_entire=vg01 ... -a /dev/rmt/0mn

I also believe the -p flag does a preview but am not 100% sure about this.

IMHO, you do not want to back up anthing other than vg00 with ignite. If you do the following
o make_tape_recovery for vg00
o fbackup for anything that is not vg00
o Dbase product backup for database (ontape in my case)

The root vg should change infrequently, so the IgniteUX backup could be say, once a week. The others dailily.

If your server goes up in a puff of smoke you are relatively unlikely to get EXACTLY the same hardware. Thus a full IgniteUX backup may not work, however if you only have vg00 on IgniteUX there are less restraints. You can (generally) fit/fuduge the rest of the fbackup and onto the new system, provided you can see the syetem (i.e. vg00 up & running).

Secondly whilst you can use pax to extract individual files from the IgniteUX backup it does require you to fast forward the tape and so on.