Re: What will be the impact,if i edit /stand/bootconf file ?

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What will be the impact,if i edit /stand/bootconf file ?


When i tried to fire ignite backup the disk which is shown in /etc/bootconf is not the one is in root disk,thus the backup got failed.


Hence i need to change the /etc/bootconf file.Pls find the output as shown below,


#lvlnboot -v
Boot Definitions for Volume Group /dev/vg00:
Physical Volumes belonging in Root Volume Group:
        /dev/disk/disk16_p2 -- Boot Disk
        /dev/disk/disk13_p2 -- Boot Disk
Boot: lvol1     on:     /dev/disk/disk16_p2
Root: lvol3     on:     /dev/disk/disk16_p2
Swap: lvol2     on:     /dev/disk/disk16_p2
Dump: lvol2     on:     /dev/disk/disk13_p2, 0


#cat /stand/bootconf
l  /dev/disk/disk9_p2


Ignite error



lifls(open): No such device or address
lifls: Can't list /dev/disk/disk9_p2; file not opened
WARNING: /dev/disk/disk9_p2 is not a LIF volume.
         No LIF files on the boot disk will be archived.
         Check /stand/bootconf, man bootconf(4), and /dev/dsk to
         ensure that the bootconf file is set up correctly.
WARNING: The make_sys_image failed to save the LIF volume.
ERROR:   The list_expander command failed.  This could be due to a problem with
         parsing /etc/fstab or /etc/mnttab file - see messages above.

=======  05/26/12 18:59:38 IST  make_tape_recovery completed unsuccessfully





Patrick Wallek
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Re: What will be the impact,if i edit /stand/bootconf file ?

Simply edit the file.  There should be no negative impact on your system.


Open the file with 'vi' and edit it so it looks like:


# cat /stand/bootconf

l  /dev/disk/disk13_p2

l  /dev/disk/disk16_p2


Now when you run Ignite it should work fine.