Re: Why does "make_tape_recovery" not include all files in vg00?

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Douglas Reynard
Occasional Contributor

Why does "make_tape_recovery" not include all files in vg00?

My Command line: /opt/ignite/bin/make_tape_recovery -AIv -t "HPTS 03/05/2001 Ignite" -a /dev/rmt/2mn 2>&1 | tee ignitelog.log

I've also tried: /opt/ignite/bin/make_tape_recovery -AIv -x inc_entire=vg00 -t "HPTS 03/02/2001 Ignite" -a /dev/rmt/2mn 2>&1 | tee ignitelog.log

Can anyone tell me why I get this error message(bty: There are 27 files not included on the tape):

"WARNING: The volume group /dev/vg00 will be only partially included in the
System Recovery Archive. This means that not all files and
directories on this volume group will be restored when the archive is

I placed a call to hp last week but they still haven't resolved the issue. Has anyone else had this problem or know of a resolution? Any info would help.

Mariusz Grabowski_2
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Re: Why does "make_tape_recovery" not include all files in vg00?

probably - make_tape_recovery does not include /var/adm/crash in vg00 group, which is not absolutely neccesary to recover, after system. without that server will run.


Pedro Sousa
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Re: Why does "make_tape_recovery" not include all files in vg00?

From another thread (...JRF...) here it is:
The Ignite release notes for 3.2 note:

"Both make_net_recovery and make_tape_recovery may result in warning messages regarding temporary files that pax was not able to put into the archive. This is due to a design change such that there is a longer period of time between when the list of files to archive are generated and when pax is called. These warnings are safe to ignore and we plan to address this in a future release."

So, don't worry! There's no problem with that.

good luck.
Vincenzo Restuccia
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Re: Why does "make_tape_recovery" not include all files in vg00?

warning messages regarding temporary files.