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backup HP-UX


i have an application running on hp ux server, i want to get backup for the application only.
what i have to do pls.
PS: ignite is already installed.



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Re: backup HP-UX

Re: backup HP-UX

Ignite is a bare-metal recovery tool for the HP-UX Operating System. I wouldn't use it as a backup tool for an application unless the app is very small and contained in the root volume group (vg00) of the HP-UX OS.

I think the questions here are - what is the app, what is the size of the directories you want to backup, what backup media do you have available attached to the HP-UX system, and what sort of recovery objectives do you have? (i.e. how quickly do you need to recover and how close in time to the point of data loss do you want to recover to)

There are several "native" backup options on HP-UX - fbackup/frecover are still there but I think are effectively deprecated so I'm not sure whether you would get support for them if you had a problem and needed to log a call (assuming you even have software support for HP-UX on this system?). Failing that the pax command combines everything that tar and cpio used to do into one handy command. If you want something a little more cross platform then get a acopy of GNU tar for HP-UX.  All of those have man pages that explain their usage and provide examples.

What backup software do you use in the rest of your IT estate? Have you checked whether there is a backup client for that?

(PS the example provided by another poster to this thread is only valid at all if you are running an Oracle database on your system, and even then I wouldn't call running an export a "backup" - it's exactly what it says it is - an "export" of the data in the database. Not the same thing at all. If your application *is* an Oracle database, you should be using RMAN for backups.)

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Re: backup HP-UX



Ignite is the recommended tool to take OS backup. For Application backup, you may use tar, pax etc. but it depends on various aspects. 


In other words, Ignite may not the right tool for you to backup your Application.

Which tool can be used? - Depends on your Application, where the data is and how much etc.


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