bigger disk to smaller

David Bellamy
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bigger disk to smaller


I,m trying to clone a Kbox onto a T testbox.
the problem i have is that the kbox has 8 in root vol and the Tbox has 4. but only 2gb is actually being used in root on Kbox. is it possible to tell it to whittle down to fit.
i've done this on an aix box with mksysb,
wondering if its possible on hp

thx in advance
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Re: bigger disk to smaller

Hi David,

- If you have the "Online JFS" product, you can do it online (fsadm).

- An other good and FREE way is to create an ignite tape whith IGNITE-UX :

- make_recovery -ACi (full backup of vg00)
- boot on the tape (stop auto boot, search IPL, boot Pxx)
- the "-i" of make_recovery give directly the menu after the boot.
- Under this menu, you can change what you want : ip, hostname, lvol size, ...


Timothy Czarnik
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Re: bigger disk to smaller


Patrice is correct. You can download Ignite at freely. Once installed, use the make_recovery -Ai (the -C does add limited functionality normally, but for what you are doing it will just take longer) to create a system recovery tape. This wil get everything in vg00. Boot the server you want to change from this tape, interrupt the boot (you will have a 10 second period of time in which to do this - interrupting will bring you to an install menu), make the filesystem changes you need, and let it run.

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David Bellamy
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Re: bigger disk to smaller

thanks i will try it out