cloning machines by ignite-ux

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Kenan Erdey
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cloning machines by ignite-ux


we have 6 machines having same specifications. oracle application server will be running on them. so despite setting up by one by, we want to clone them by ignite. but of course they will have different network settings, host files, v.s. what problems may we meet ? can we set app. server before cloning so that we don't need setting it up after cloning ?

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Victor Fridyev
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Re: cloning machines by ignite-ux


IMHO, Ignite is th best way to clone HPUX machines. If you want to clone a server with a software, it's OK, just pay your attantion on configuration files, which include hostnames (thsnames.ora, listener.ora ) etc.
All system files are updated normally by Ignite.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: cloning machines by ignite-ux

Shalom Kenan,

Ignite is the way to go. Which Ignite path depends on the machines.

If the hardware is identical, make_tape_recovery or make_net_recovery can easily close hardware that is exactly the same.

if however this is not the case, you can go with Ignite Golden Images, which are less hardware dependent and clone the servers.

The key to cloning oracle is to make the image with Oracle down. I did this a few years ago and after minor changes to tnsnames.ora sqlnet.ora and listener.ora the oracle application/database servers were up and running, completely cloned.

Steven E Protter
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Bill Hassell
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Re: cloning machines by ignite-ux

As mentioned, Ignite is the best tool for this. There are post-install tasks that can be configured to set things like networking and customizing other config files. Since you are only creating 6 machines, I would install the first machine an add Oracle and other apps but leave them simply installed. Make your Ignite backup, then restore the image to each machine but leave the boxes off the network. When each system boots up for the first time, login and run set_parms to initialize the network parameters for the new box. Now you can connect it to the network and finish the install by configuring Oracle, etc.

If you were to completely configure Oracle and related apps before making your backup, you would have to change a lot of parameters in the applications which may take a long time to discover.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin