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Greg Huber
Occasional Contributor


Thanks in advance.
I have four different make_recovery tapes that I need to duplicate repeatably. I have used copy_boot_tape, and it works great. The only problem I have experienced is: You need to use the original tape every time you make a copy. If I have a disk with enough space on it to leave the bootimage and systemimage, can any of the option in copy_boot_tape let me repeatably create a bootable tape.

If not a copy_boot_tape command, will dd dump the material, and will it be a bootable tape. If so, I could use some help with the dd command.

Honored Contributor

Re: copy_boot_tape

with dd you could do

dd if=/dev/rmt/0mn of= bs=2k
dd if=/dev/rmt/0m of= bs=10k

To create new bootable tape

dd if= of=/dev/rmt/0mn bs=2k
dd if= of=/dev/rmt/0m bs=10k

Re: copy_boot_tape

I use a utility called "copytape" to even copy
patch tapes. It will copy tape to tape and maintain the integrity of the original as follow.
Do: copytape /dev/rmt/0x /dev/rmt/1x.

One says: Try and fail, try again and fail again, but don't fail to try again!
Honored Contributor

Re: copy_boot_tape

Hi Greg:

It says in man copy_boot_tape that you can use the construct below to copy bootimage from a directory on the harddrive /extra_space onto a tape... good luck

Create a bootable tape using the file bootimage in directory
/extra_space. The bootimage file has to be a lif file and contain at
minimum ISL, AUTO, and HPUX. Use make_medialif to create the lif file
and lifls(1) to show its contents.

copy_boot_tape -p /dev/rmt/c1t1d0DDS1n -b -d /extra_space

nothing wrong with me that a few lines of code cannot fix!