host name used before the first reboot (ignite-ux)

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host name used before the first reboot (ignite-ux)

After successfully igniting a server with B.11.11, the post config script (in archive_cfg) which executes a few customization things runs successfully and the system finally reboots as usual.

The problem is that before this reboot the system DOES NOT have the host name I have specified in the config files in the "system_name serverA" directive statement but a strange (temporary I might add) hostname I have no idea where it comes from.

After the server reboots, it is configured properly though. Can anybody explain the above behavior? What "temporary" host name will the server have after completing the NFS archive "unpack"? I was not able to find that out yet from the all I was able to find and read IUX docs.

Thanks all!
Kent Ostby
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Re: host name used before the first reboot (ignite-ux)

The only time I recall something like this being an issue is if the hostname is > 8 characters during Ignite.

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Re: host name used before the first reboot (ignite-ux)

Shalom james,

During the ignite unpack post-config process the machine is not "fully" on the network. It does not need a hostname because its performing a special function and networking is probably done via numeric ip addressing, not any hostname.

I don't see this as a problem and recommend against accessing an Ignite client while it is building, except to diagnose a specific problem.

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Re: host name used before the first reboot (ignite-ux)

Thanks for your replies. The temporary host name is indeed 8 characters.

The reason why I am wondering about this is that I need my postconfig to execute unique commands for every server which has been ignited and I use the hostname to identify which server is it. I guess I could use the IP for the same purpose...