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ignite Timezone

Hi experts,

if I look in the logfile from a ignite installation the Log begins with a line when the installtion has started and what timezone is used.
The timezone is EDT and the time is 6 hours behind our time. We use MET and the internal clock is set to GMT. Is it possible to set the timezone to MET or is the timezone set in the WINSTALL binary?
I want to see my timezone at the beginning of the install log.
Can anybody help me??

Regards Roland

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James R. Ferguson
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Re: ignite Timezone

Hi Roland:

See the Ignite FAQ here:



The TZ environment variable is what governs what timezone the message in the install.log contain. The 'timezone' config file keyword does not have any effect on the messages that occur during the install, but does determine the timezone setting on the target system (the two can be independently set).

To set the TZ environment variable, it is best to do so in the INSTALLFS file so that it is set as early in the process as possible. However the very first message will still be in EST since it is produced before the config file contents of INSTALLFS are read. The procedure for setting this would be: (note this sets it to MST7DT).

/opt/ignite/bin/instl_adm -d > /tmp/cur_cfg
echo 'env_vars += "TZ=MST7MDT"' >> /tmp/cur_cfg
/opt/ignite/bin/instl_adm -f /tmp/cur_cfg



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Re: ignite Timezone

I thought me something like that.

Thanx James

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