ignite backup error

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ignite backup error

when i am taking ignite backup i am gettiong this error.

/usr/lib/hpux.32/dld.so:Unsatisfied code symble '_Z3LogiiPKcz' in load module

Vivek Bhatia
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Re: ignite backup error

Hi Prasant,

I have few questions for you.

Q1. Is this the new server?
Q2. Did you make any changes to the server?

Try the command below and send us the output.

#ldd /opt/ignite/bin/make_tape_recovery

Either the path of the LD_LIBRARY is not set properly or you might have the problem with this library.

Vivek Bhatia
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Re: ignite backup error

Hi Vivek,

This is not new server and i am not done anythis to the server. As per ur instruction i runned the below command.

#ldd /opt/ignite/bin/make_tape_recovery.I got the below information.pls find the attached text file.

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Re: ignite backup error

Hello Prashant,

When was the previous backup taken on this server and what command for the backup ur giving also what is the OS version.

Kindly eloborate your issue.

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Re: ignite backup error

hi ali,

The OS version is B.11.23 and i have been taken last ignite backup on 09.08.2010 and i used the command /opt/ignite/bin/make_tape_recovery -Ava tape drive path .

Dennis Handly
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Re: ignite backup error

This unsat error indicates there is something wrong (mismatch) with the executable or one of the shlibs that it uses.
What version of ignite are you using?

Vivek's ldd command will show what load modules are being used.

>pls find the attached text file:

Depending on which of these is an aC++ shlib, these could have the mismatch.