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ignite backup restore

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ignite backup restore

i need to restore the backup from ignite server to client..ver hp-ux 11iv3

what are the steps should i follow????

Steven E. Protter
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Re: ignite backup restore


It would be helpful to know if your server is PA-RISC or IA-64/IPF

The procedure varies slightly.

Steven E Protter
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Mel Burslan
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Re: ignite backup restore

ignite is not so much of a backup but it is a system recovery tool, which will help you reload your operating system from the snapshot taken on the day you have created your ignite tape.

If this is your intention, put the tape into the tape drive, interrupt the boot sequence, or if using integrity servers, find the tape drive as boot media from the EFI menu and proceed as you are booting from a disk. Depending on how the ignite image is made, you may be presented with a menu. If it is the case, follow the on-screen directions and make selections which apply to you. There is no certain way one can tell what exact selections you need to make as they are dependent on the individual sites.

If your purpose is other than full server recovery, please give details and see if it is doable.
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Re: ignite backup restore

Hi Madhu,
I guess you wish to recover the OS off the ignite server and you would like to know the steps involved

if you are using Itanium server ( IA ) you would be able to use dbprofile

you can find the steps to boot using DBPROFILE

the following page gives you all the steps you need to boot over network for both PA and IA


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Re: ignite backup restore

Here is a brief list for ignite preparation.

1. You need both client and server in the same directory.

2. Depends on the server, if it is RX, you need to have client's Mac address ready.

3. Also depends on the server, you need to modify the bootp config file. For RP server, it is /etc/opt/ignite/instl_bootta, for RX server, it is /etc/bootptab, you need to check manual for details.

4. Power on the client, go to boot options, check the lan boot. Again, follow the manual to restore system files.

There are pitfalls everywhere. But this is a starting point.
Lijeesh N G_1
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Re: ignite backup restore


For this you have to boot the server from LAN.

Attaching a useful doc for "Ignite booting".
Refer for "Boot from LAN"