ignite default winstall kernel

Michael O'brien_1
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ignite default winstall kernel


I have an ignite server running 11.11 operating system, when I'm installing new servers I am presented with

hpux KernelPrompt "Choose Operating System to Install :"
1. target OS is B.11.00
2. target OS is B.11.11
3. target OS is B.11.23 PA
4. Exit
Choose Operating System to Install :

If I missing this screen ignite will default to an 11.11 build. As most of the machines I'm building are going to be 11.23 how do I make ignite default to target os of 11.23 if I missing this screen.

Scot Bean
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Re: ignite default winstall kernel

Check the man pages for 'auto_adm'. You can use that command to change these defaults, but it does look a bit complicated.