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ignite problem

i backup OS by make_net_recovery to a ignite server. it looks fine when i start it. the problem is : when ignite finish to save the archive file, it stoped, and all the process , such as make_net_recovery, make_sys_image, gzip stop there, and the configuration file (INDEX) was not made on the last step.
does someone know this problem.
this ignite server backup for all other server is ok
Mel Burslan
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Re: ignite problem


is the ignite version the same or better on this server compared to the servers without any problems ? If not, consider upgrading.

is your ignite server aware of the existence of this server with problems, i.e., where you are trying to write your recovery archive into on your ignite server, has permissions (file permissions and nfs permissions) for this write operation ?

does your server has the ignite server listed in root's .rhosts file and is the permissions of the .rhosts file correct (should be 400)

Have you or anybody else was able to take an ignite backup successfully from this server in the past and if yes, what has changed since then ?
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Re: ignite problem

Hi mel:
Thanks for your sugguestions:
1 the ignite version is same as ingite server, in fact, when you add client on ignite server, it will install ignite net recovery version to the client. i do it many times.

2. i backup the image to storage, and it can be write to the directory, total size is 1.4G. so i don't think it has permission problem here. i try test it, add 60M file to /tmp, and backup again, and the image increase 60M.

3.the .rhosts is also correct. the ingite server list there,

4. the ignite server make backup for all server in our environment , all others is successfull.

the problem is just i asked, it finish to made the archive file, the next step should create CINDEX configuration file, and clean the old file then whole back finish.
but it stoped at finishing archive.
it is so strange, i try to reinstall many times, and download new gzip, tar. no useful.