Re: ignite-ux with vxvm

Paul Spyrou
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ignite-ux with vxvm


I am running hpux 11i with veritas volume manager 3.5 and have encaptulated and mirrored the root disk. I have also installed Ignite-UX
B.3.7.96 and have found that i can't backup the root volume as it does not
support veritas boot disks.

Does anyone know when this will be supported???
harry d brown jr
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Re: ignite-ux with vxvm

Why not use veritas's baremetal product? They claim you and rebuild a server with it, regardless of where it's at.

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Dietmar Konermann
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Re: ignite-ux with vxvm

The version B.3.8.201 should work for you. I cannot get it via Web... but it's on the September 11.11 installation CDs.

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Cheryl Griffin
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Re: ignite-ux with vxvm

The new version of Ignite should be updated on within the next week or so.

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