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i plan to install the ignite latest depot file in hp-ux 11.31








1.i installed the latest deport file in one source server, i need to push the latest depot file to destination server. we have the command but we dont know how to use


#/opt/ignite/bin/ignite to check the depot file require reboot or not.

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> to check the depot file require reboot or not.


See this swlist command:

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The Ignite-UX product itself does not require a reboot. 


If you have the desired version of Ignite-UX already installed on a server, this server can then be used as the swinstall source to upgrade other servers as follows.


Create the depot on the "installed" server using the pkg_rec_depot command.

myserver1# /opt/ignite/lbin/pkg_rec_depot


pkg_rec_depot is nice in that it creates a depot using currently installed files, so the disk space required for the depot is much less.  See the pkg_rec_depot manpage for additional info. 



Once the depot has been created on the source you can upgrade other servers.

myserver2:  swinstall -s myserver1:/var/opt/ignite/depots/recovery_cmds Ignite-UX


After installation use "swlist -l fileset Ignite-UX" to verify the new version and that all filesets are at the same revision.

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