Re: igniteUX recovery

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igniteUX recovery


I need to restore the etc/opt/omni directory.

I have last weeks ignite tape.

Any help is appeciated.
Leif Halvarsson_2
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Re: igniteUX recovery


Ignite is a system distaster recovery tool, not an general backup application. It is possible to extract files/directorys from an Ignite archive (it is an tar file) but, it is not very convinient.

Do you have an backup of the Data Protector (or OmniBack ) IDB. If you have you can restore the IDB to a temporary location and move the /etc/opt/omni to the original location.

A backup of the IDB should be performed on dayly basis.
Patrick Wallek
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Re: igniteUX recovery

Insert tape into drive.

In all commands substitute your tape drive (0mn, 1mn, whatever) for the ?mn.

Rewind tape:

# mt -f /dev/rmt/?mn
# mt -f /dev/rmt/?mn fsf 1
# tar -xvf /dev/rmt/?mn etc/opt/omni