Re: install new client from ignite

install new client from
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install new client from ignite

I have just mounted new server in datacentre withiut OS and i want to install it from ignit server from another server ignite image .

I am getting below error after boot from lan.

* Loading configuration utility...
* Beginning installation from source:
======= 08/28/10 07:08:36 EDT Starting system configuration...
* Configure_Disks: Begin
NOTE: The disk at HW path: 0/0/2/1.6.0 does not exist on the system and was
specified in the configuration for the system. No substitute disk
could be found, so it will be removed from the configuration.
* Will install B.11.00 onto this system.
ERROR: Could not find SYSCMDS for B.11.00. The fileset
Ignite-UX.FILE-SRV-11-00 is probably missing or corrupt. Target disks
have not been disturbed.

The configuration process has incurred an error, would you like
to push a shell for debugging purposes? (y/[n]):

please let us know if you need any more details
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Re: install new client from ignite

I think there is configuration issue in ignite server.
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Re: install new client from ignite


I think you must download again the last version of Ignite according to the HPUX 11i version you use, and install it.

Check this out:




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