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make_net_recovery on hpvm virtual server hangs

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make_net_recovery on hpvm virtual server hangs


I'm trying to run make_net_recovery C.7.12.519 on a hpvm virtual server with 11.31.
This is already succesfully running on several other physical Integrity servers.
When I start make_net_recovery it looks like after the line:
* Creating Archive File List
The whole vm is hanging. But pinging still works and telnet opens a connection but shows no login. The console via hpvmconsole is inaccessible. The only thing I can do is reboot the vm.
The commandline is:
/opt/ignite/bin/make_net_recovery -x inc_entire=vg00 -n 2 -s
which works fine on the physical servers.
Thanks in advance for your replies.
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Re: make_net_recovery on hpvm virtual server hangs

Bonjour Michiel,

I had the same behaviour with HPVM 4.2.5

Before this release, when you created a VM without specifying any dynamic memory parameter, the memory was allocated to the VM in a static way.

Beginning with this release if you create a VM without specifying dynamic virtual memory, the VM is however created for use with dynamic memory ;-(

If you take a look to a verbose status of the VM you will see that defaut dynamic memory parameters are not in phase with the static memory.

Make a test and deactivate dynamic memory. Note that you must reboot the VM :

hpvmmodify -P -x ram_dyn_type=none

Now try a new make_net_recovery. It should work fine.

Now activate back dynamic memory with :

hpvmmodify -P -x ram_dyn_type=driver

It should now work : default dynamic parameters are now in phase with static memory allocation


Re: make_net_recovery on hpvm virtual server hangs

Bonjour Eric,

Mille fois merci!
It's running like a charm now.

I love this forum and it's users.
Spent more than a week now at HP support with no result while you gave me the answer in half an hour.

Thanks again.

Re: make_net_recovery on hpvm virtual server hangs

This problem was solved in an amazing 30 minutes by Eric Saubignac.