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make_net_recovery to DVD

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make_net_recovery to DVD

Has anyone taken a make_net_recovery ignite image and made a bootable DVD?

I've looked at the steps for make_tape_recovery in Patrick Walleks document but there seems to be a few differences between a tape and net ignite image.

Such as more config files. And, for example, I can't determine which cfg files to use for the make_medialif.

Here's some background information on my situation.:

This is how I create the ignite image:
-------- Start of script ---------
export HOST=`uname -n`
export IGNITEDT=$(date)
export IGPATH=/opt/ignite/bin
rm /tmp/ignitelog.log
$IGPATH/make_net_recovery -s [IP of ignite server] -a 10.1.x.xxx:/images/$HOST -A -b -d "$HOST for $IGNITEDT" -n 3 -m tar >/tmp/ignitelog.log
if [ "$?" -eq 0 ]
cat /tmp/ignitelog.log | mailx -s "Ignite of $HOST was Successfully Completed" unix_admins@somedomain.com
cat /tmp/ignitelog.log | mailx -s "Ignite of $HOST FAILED" unix_admins@somedomain.com

-------- end of script ---------

This creates files in two locations:
Config files are in:

The actual image is in:

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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD

In short the question is how do you create a DVD from a make_net_recovery ignite image?
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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD



You can create a bootable DVD from your system using the exact same tools as make_net_recovery.

Here is a document.



All you need to do is change the make_sys_image parameters to create the image you wish.

The procedure above works with HP-9000/Integrity DVD writers. They seem to only like DVD RW+ media.

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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD

I'm missing something here. Please help clarify.

On a weekly basis I run make_net_recovery on all my systems.

This creates an image on my Ignite server in /images/servername/imagename

Could I not skip the make_sys_image step and use the image created by make_net_recovery with some cfg changes?

Or is there something fundamentally different in the two image types?
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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD

Dear Kevin,

make_sys_image is the only command to create the ignite image. Even the make_net_recovery internally calls the make_sys_image for creating the images.

Instead of using make_net_recovery , u can use mak_sys_image itself to copy the image in another server.

#make_sys_image -s (servername) -d (dest directory) -n (archieve name).


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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD

Dear kevin,

The below link refers the admin guide, Please see the 8th chapter and creating DVD media.


As I told you, instead of using make_net_recovery, use make_sys_image itself to create image on remote m/c, where DVD RW+ is avial. And create the DVD.


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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD

Thanks I'll refer to that information.

But just an FYI

This is why I want to use the image from make_net_recovery.

We have an existing automated process which creates ignite images of all our HP-UX servers to our Ignite server. Using make_net_recovery.

So instead of re-running the image create process on our extremely busy systems I want to be able to use these existing images to create the bootable DVD.

If anyone has done this please let me know how.

Thanks again
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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD

I've no success creating a DVD yet because my image sizes are too large. So I can't event attempt to create the DVD.

The problem is that make_sys_image seems to want to archive the ENTIRE /dev/vg00.

Whereas I only want the minimal OS required. And will possibly add a few customization later once I know I can create a bootable DVD.

How can I stop make_sys_image from archiving the entire vg00 and just do what's required for a minimal OS?
The Devil is in the detail.
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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD

Dear Keven,

You can edit the

make_sys_image script and

edit the LEVEL2_NO_ARCHIVE protion of the file to include the files/directories that you want to exclude from taking bakup / in the image.

With Regards,

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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD

Thank you,

I am editing the LEVEL2_NO_ARCHIVE portion of the file to include the files/directories that I want to exclude from the image.

But I'm trying to recall where I once saw a configuration file which defined the minimal core OS files for an image.

I want to use that as a starting point to verify I have everything I need for a valid archive.

Valid meaning I don't want to exclude files required for the OS to operate properly.

The Devil is in the detail.
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Re: make_net_recovery to DVD

Got it working. Moved to Golden images on an Ignite server. Where multiple images are stored (SAN storage redundant up the ying yang) and backed up to tape. The server is now at the DR site which is why I wanted the DVD's in the first place for offsite images.

They finally invested in the hardware at the DR site!!! yay!
The Devil is in the detail.