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make_net_recovery to an unknown ignite server

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make_net_recovery to an unknown ignite server

Quick question. We have servers in one Datacenter DC-A that we would like to clone to another Datacenter DC-B. Obviously they are on different networks. Servers in DC-A are igniting to ignite servers in DC-A. We have stood up a new ignite server in DC-B that we want to run ignites too. Anyone see issues with doing this? Would the ignite clients need to be reconfigured? Or is it as simple as just specifying the new target ignite server in DC-B via the make_net_recovery command?

All help is appreciated.

Jose Mosquera
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Re: make_net_recovery to an unknown ignite server


When you recover from an Ignite you have a screen that allows change unique parameters of server in case of a clonation (i.e: LAN configuration, hostname, etc).

Also keep on mind that:
Ignite backup is an image of the Operating System. Either use Ignite server to manage images or tape. make_net_recovery or make_tape_recovery respectively.
Golden images can be used to install HP-UX on multiple servers using the same prepared image or a cloned image.

Datailed info:

Tim Nelson
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Re: make_net_recovery to an unknown ignite server

there are a couple ways to do this.

1) specify ignite server DC-B in the make_net_recovery -s "ignite_at_DC-B"...

beware that ignite uses NFS, so depending on your WAN bandwidth (assuming DC-A and DC-B are on WAN connections), you the make_net_recovery may take awhile or even fail.

2) ftp the ignite images from ignite server DC-A to ignite server DC-B

3) some other kind of auto file copy solution to replicate the images from A to B.

you will need to then modify some ignite files in order to boot and build a clone.

4) create a make_tape_recovery and ship the tape to siteB ....
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Re: make_net_recovery to an unknown ignite server

You simply specify the Ignite Server on DC-B for your DC-A Ignite Clients. You also need to specify the NFS repository Location (properly exported of course) on DC-B for your DC-A Client's archives.

In a Recovery/Clone Operation on DC-B, All you have to do is follow the IUX Faq on cloning a system via net_recovery archives and make tweaks to your NFS exports for the target machine in DC-B... It is well documented there.... /opt/ignite/share/doc/FAQ Section 11.2

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