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Phillip Popp
Regular Advisor

make_recovery HP 10.2

Hi All,
I am running 10.2 and am trying to do a make_recovery. I have done them on 11.11 before with no problem, however the command with 11.11 is make_tape_recovery

This is my command

/opt/ignite/bin/make_recovery -A -i -d /dev/rmt/0mn

it gives me the following response

usage make_recovery [-ACprv][-d destination][-b bootimage]

What the heck is bootimage, what do I put in here. I tried just a name, I thought it was asking me for the name of the tape I am making.

No man pages available on ignite for this version and machine and it is my only 10.2 machine

If any one has an idea please let me know.


James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: make_recovery HP 10.2

Hi Phil:

The boot image should be a temporary file name used for assembling the LIF volume image. In any event it's optional

The usage error suggests that you have an old (?) version of Ignite. Try without the '-i' switch since that doesn't appear as an optional switch in your post.


Phillip Popp
Regular Advisor

Re: make_recovery HP 10.2

Thanks, you were right on the money. Can't use -i option. It asks you when you recover.