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Eileen Millen
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make_recovery failure

I am trying to recover a make_recovery tape to a D class system. The tape was created using another D class system. The orginal system has a lot of NFS mount points. The recovery does load in files and then starts the archive extraction. After a while, it complains about not being able to preserve the owner and group of a /home/username/.profile file. It keeps chugging away for quite a while and then says
Cannot load the OS archive (recovery archive)
The configuration process has incurred an error. It asks if I want to push a shell for debugging. Any idea what is wrong? If I get a shell, what can I look at?
Mike Rightmire
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Re: make_recovery failure


I am new to HP-UX myself, and I suspect I have little offer regarding your question, however I got a very similar error message after creating a 'Golden Image' on the network for a machine and then attempting to use it to load a system.

To resolve the issue, I simply recreated the image, and it worked fine. I do not know if the image was corrupt, or I inadvertently made a configuration change when I re-created the image, but as nearly as I can remember, I followed the identical steps to generate the image.

Hope this leads you somewhere :-)
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Eddie Warren
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Re: make_recovery failure

Onc thing you might consider is if the two D-class systems are configured the same in hardware. One way to build a make_recovery tape and custimize it to fit your needs is to do:

make-recovery -v -p -A -d /dev/rmt/Xm (X= device #)

This creates a preview of your make-recovery and puts it in the file:


Edit this file to configure it to meet your needs on the new system. Once you have configured it correctly just do:

make_recovery -r

This resumes the process and creates your tape.

boot the new system with your new tape and it should complete.

good luck,