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make_recovery problem

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make_recovery problem

When I try to make recovery tapes on two of my servers I get:

#make_recovery -p -A -d /dev/rmt/0m
/var/opt/ignite/recovery/config.recover is created successfully on both machines.

#make_recovery -r -d /dev/rmt/0m
make_recovery(482) Call to system failed.
make_recovery(486) Call to system failed.

I would greatly appreciate any help!
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Re: make_recovery problem

I was told that you have to use Omn
that means don't rewind the tape when you use a configuration file.
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Re: make_recovery problem

I thought this sounded familiar...your problem may be an issue with your LVM...take a look at this url:,1150,0xfca583667c40d4118feb0090279cd0f9!0,00.html

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Re: make_recovery problem

Eileen is correct, you DO have to use the no-rewind device (/dev/rmt/0mn) when doing a make_recovery. I don't know if this will help your problem, but it can't hurt.

The reason for this is that it will write the things needed to boot the system to the beginning of the tape, and then after that it uses pax to write the rest of your backup. If you don't use the no-rewind device you could potentially have a non-bootable make_recovery tape, which wouldn't do you much good.
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Re: make_recovery problem

Have a look in the logfile


and see if vgcfgbackup has failed.

Possibly your /etc/lvmtab is out of date.

If you found something like this you have to check your LVM.
Ie: recreate /etc/lvmtab with

mv /etc/lvmtab /etc/lvmtab.old
vgscan -v
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Re: make_recovery problem

Before you recreate the /etc/lvmtab with vgscan, first check the file:
- The volumegroup given to be incorrect, in /var/opt/ignite/logs/makrec.log1.
Check with:
- strings /etc/lvmtab
- vgdisplay -v /dev/vg??
If it comes back with an error-message, couldn't query ....
If the above is the case it is possible that you need to run:
- vgreduce -f /dev/vg??
- mv /etc/lvmtab /etc/lvmtab.old
- vgscan -v
- vgcfgbackup /dev/vg??

Good Luck
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Re: make_recovery problem

Thank you very match friends. I really have problem with LVM (EMC) and now I'm
fighting with it.