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Mehrens Wilhelm A.
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Hi *,

i am using make_sys_image to prepare a Golden_Image for cloneing some new machines.

Is there a possibility to exclude filesystems like the -x exclude=/tmp when using make_net_recovery?

T G Manikandan
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Re: make_sys_image

check for the faq for the questions 11.5 and 11.6
That answers your queries

Also check the -f option of the make_sys_image
Here using the NO_ARCHIVE option you can exclude.

Telia BackOffice
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Re: make_sys_image

You are looking for something like this:
-f file file contains a user defined list of files to be reset to newconfig state or ignored altogether. This list can be in addition to the default level 2 behaviors or it can replace the default level 2 reset and/or ignore behaviors. The file may have one or two sections headed by the keywords RESET or NO_ARCHIVE , following each keyword are the pathes of files or directories (one per line), or regular expressions that describe files or directories. Each keyword can be combined with the ONLY keyword. If the ONLY keyword is used then the files in that section replace the default level 2 behavior. The keyword lines must begin with a '+', and each keyword (except ONLY) must occur only once in the file. The keywords are case sensitive, they must be in all upper case letters. This option overrides the -l option and sets the level to 2.
Copy /opt/ignite/data/scripts/make_sys_image from an Ignite-UX server to /tmp on the archive system.
/tmp/make_sys_image -s local -d /var/tmp -f /tmp/specific_files

Contents of /tmp/specific_files :
# Files to be reset to newconfig state
# in addition to the defaults. Note use of upper case.
# Files to be excluded from the archive,
# override the defaults. Note use of upper case.

Generate a list of files that will be reset or ignored including those
specified in /tmp/specific_files.
/tmp/make_sys_image -x -f /tmp/specific_files