Re: make_tape_recovery ignores /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archive_content

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make_tape_recovery ignores /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archive_content

I would like to have make_tape_recovery consider a whole list of directories that do not need to be saved.

The man-pages describe /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archive_content
as a default location for instructions.

I put some lines like
exclude /dir_foo
exclude /dir_bar
into ../archive_content

However these exceptions are not considered. I also tried

../make_tape_recovery -x inc_entire=vg00 -f /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archive_content

but this seem to be the wrong syntax since I receive a short help text.

The only way to have some exceptions work is

../make_tape_recovery -x inc_entire=vg00 -x exclude=/dir_foo -x exclude=/dir_bar

Where do I go wrong?

vijay alur

Re: make_tape_recovery ignores /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archive_content

Hi Silverado

i found some solution to ur problem in one of the pdf document

HP Part Number: 5992-3336
goto page number 245

under the heading
13.2.2 Recovery Image Contents

the third and forth bullet opions give info about which files and directories to include/exclude from the recovery tape

make an entry in the file /opt/ignite/recovery/mnr_essentials for the list of files to be included in the recovery tape

and make an entry in the file /var/opt/ignite/clients/client/recovery/archive_content for the files that you need to exclude from the recovery tape.

or else the best options

You can use the user interface (launched with the -i option to
make_[tape|net]_recovery) to find out which volume groups and/or disks
will be untouched, which will be partially restored, and which will be restored in
full if the recovery image is used, based on the specifications in the
/opt/ignite/recovery/mnr_essentials file (files to include in the recovery tape) and the /var/opt/ignite/clients/client/recovery/archive_content (files to exclude in the recovery tape).

hope so it helps..

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Re: make_tape_recovery ignores /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archive_content

Hallo vijay alur,

many thanks for your reply.

/opt/ignite/recovery/mnr_essentials exists on my file system and it seems to contain a minimum of system files/dirs that HP-UX needs to run. Therefore I left this file untouched.

My recovery tape needs more than a miniumum but still less than vg00. Now the archive_content becomes relevant.

The path described in 5992-3336 does not exist on my system. All I have is an empty /var/opt/ignite/clients directory. Possible reason for that is my Ignite-UX version C.7.1.93.

I tried the interactive use of make_tape_recovery which actually revealed a nice issue. On the last page before I click on "Finish" I can see a list of excluded directories. This list contains the lines in /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archive_content which I edited before.

So the nice thing is: syntax and location of archive_content is o.k.
The bad thing is: archive_content is only considered in interactive mode:-(

Maybe I should update to a more recent version of Ignite-UX and try again.

Best Regards,