Re: make_tape_recovery on autoloader

Simon Li
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make_tape_recovery on autoloader

I notice from other messages here, it assumes that the make_tape_recovery backup will be performed on the internal tape drive /dev/rmt/0mn, then I have some questions:

1. Can I perform make_tape_recovery on a autoloader "/dev/rmt/1m"? If yes, can I use the autoloader to recovery the system with this tape?

2. My system is connected to a disk array (Deskside AutoRAID Array Model 12H). Will ignite capable to reconstruct the disk structure (volume group and logical volumes) for the disk array, even if I delete all the LUN in it? If no, does it has any other method to achieve this?

Michael Tully
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Re: make_tape_recovery on autoloader

As long as the tape drive can be used to boot off the tape, then yes you can recover. As a precaution I would be removing the autoloader to a test/dev box just to see if you can.

If you delete a LUN then no, the system will not be able to recover it. You will need to make sure that the LUN's stay in tact, as these will carry the VGID (volume group identifiers) in which to rescontruct your volume groups.
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Re: make_tape_recovery on autoloader

ignite will backup the vg00 filesystem and any other critical data.

There are various backup tools within sam which may backup other parts of your system however we use vendor software for full system backups