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make_tape_recovery v. pax, tar (11.31, C.7.16.283)

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

make_tape_recovery v. pax, tar (11.31, C.7.16.283)

   I recently had some trouble with Ignite make_tape_recovery on an

rux# uname -a
HP-UX rux B.11.31 U ia64 1678555272 unlimited-user license

   I downloaded ("Receive for Free >>") and installed the latest Ignite
package which I could find:

rux# ignite version -m xml
<iux:iux xmlns:iux="" level="non">
  <iux:attr name="ignite_rev">C.7.16.283</iux:attr>
  <iux:attr name="io_info_rev">2.2</iux:attr>
  <iux:attr name="cli_rev">2.1</iux:attr>

   Initially, I chose "tar" (the default) for the archive format, but
that generated complaints about some names longer than 100 characters.
Not wishing to lose those files, I tried again, specifying "pax", and
when asked, "Do you want to create an archive with ACL enabled?", I made
the mistake of saying "No", which led to a "pax" failure: "/sbin/pax:
illegal option -- A".  Having learned my lesson, I tried again, this
time answering "Yes", at which point I was informed that my "pax" was
out-of date, and that I needed to install PAX-Enh.  The FTP URI provided
for that was useless, but Google and I managed to find that, too (also
"Receive for Free >>").  Sadly, while getting the PAX-Enh kit itself is
easy enough, it seems to demand 'The corequisite
"PHCO_42016.UX-CORE,fa=HP-UX_B.11.31_IA/PA"', and it was not obvious how
to get that without a support agreement, which I lack.  (I assume that
disabling "enforce_dependencies" would be unwise in this case.)

   I suppose that I can try make_tape_recovery again, specifying "cpio"
-- What can't that scheme do? -- but if there were some no-cost way for
a peon like me to get the PHCO_42016 kit, then I'd prefer that.  (Anyone
with good patch access and no scruples can find me at sms at

   What's the point to making PAX-Enh easy to get, but not its
prerequisite(s)/corequisite(s)?  Or am I missing something obvious

   When VMS finally dies, it'll be sad to lose an OS which for decades
has come with a backup program which can save and restore any file in
its file system.  I'm easily spoiled, I suppose.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: make_tape_recovery v. pax, tar (11.31, C.7.16.283)

>'The corequisite "PHCO_42016.UX-CORE,fa=HP-UX_B.11.31_IA/PA"',   (I assume that disabling "enforce_dependencies" would be unwise in this case.)


It depends on what's in PAX-Enh.

PHCO_42016  11.31 pax(1) cumulative patch 11/08/24

Only the man page and catalog and pax were changed.


>What's the point to making PAX-Enh easy to get, but not its prerequisite(s)/corequisite(s)?


Hmm, I would have thought that PAX-Enh was made available before the patches were locked down?

And Software Depot already distributes free and purchasable items but HPSC typically only does patches.